Chris Lewit is known as a Prodigy Maker. He specializes in high performance junior coaching: 

  • Expert in Spanish Training

  • Expert in Technique and Bio-mechanics for Young Prodigies

He is a dynamic, innovative leader in the high performance tennis community. After playing #1 for Cornell University and training and competing for several years on the professional tennis tour, Chris found his passion and calling as a developmental coach shaping the games of gifted junior players, serious adults, and other students willing to commit seriously to the study of tennis. Chris Lewit is known for his unique qualities that make him highly sought after as a coach, not only for his unparalleled knowledge of the technical/tactical game, but for his forceful intellect; rigorous academic mind; demanding, physical teaching style; and ability to motivate and inspire a diverse group of students. Chris has developed many top national junior players--many who are now competing on the pro circuit--and he has extensive experience building the foundations of prodigies, especially at very young ages.

If players sometimes mention how tough Chris is to train with, it is not surprising to learn that he comes from a long line of military family members, including several Generals in the Air Force and Army, and his grandfather, a two-star Air Force General. Chris has the rare ability to push his students hard physically but also connect emotionally with his proteges and motivate them to achieve their highest levels of performance both on and off the court. Although he is a full-time dedicated coach, Chris is proud to still maintain top athletic condition and a high level as a player (13 UTR), and he still competes when his schedule allows. This allows him to spar and hit with his players--not just feed balls. 

In addition to maintaining a high tennis playing level, Chris is also an avid student of Mixed Martial Arts, and is particularly fond of Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Chris believes that competitive tennis players need to develop a fighting spirit and can benefit from the discipline and toughness learned in the boxing ring and on the martial arts mat. He tries to convey the lessons he has learned as a fighter to his students.

Chris is one of the leading experts in the world on Spanish methods of training, having studied for the last 12 years in Spain with many of the legends of Spanish coaching and having written the best-selling book, The Secrets of Spanish Tennis, in 2014. 

Chris is also a leading expert on technical development, especially for young players, having published the definitive, most comprehensive study of tennis technique currently available, The Tennis Technique Bible (2009), and numerous articles for the world-renowned technical tennis magazine, A prolific writer and educator, he has been extensively published and is a sought-after presenter at national and international tennis conventions.  He authors the acclaimed online resource for parents, coaches, and players, and hosts the popular Prodigy Maker Show available on the Chris Lewit YouTube Channel and all major podcasting directories.

As an educator, Chris is passionate about helping adults, juniors, parents, and coaches become smarter and more efficient in their training.  He holds high performance workshops and presentations year-round at his club in Vermont.  He also offers a celebrated digital tennis school, CLTA Online, with cutting edge courses that can be accessed at anytime--from anywhere in the world.

A family oriented father of four kids, Chris understands the ups and downs of childhood and he treats every player like part of his family. Chris believes in building strong values and character in his players, not only to be better tennis players, but to be better citizens in the world. He believes it is a privilege as a teacher or coach to be in a position to help shape the lives of his students. Chris wants to develop a champion person, not just a champion tennis player. For Chris, a coach must lead by example and be a role model--both on and off the court. Chris Lewit students fight to win, but Chris expects them to always win with integrity, honor, and sportsmanship.

While tennis is his life's passion, Chris is active in EMS and volunteers as a licensed EMT for Arlington Rescue Squad--and he is studying to be a Paramedic.  He finds great joy in serving his community as a first responder.  He is also a dedicated national spelling bee coach to his daughter Sky, and cross-country coach to his son Isaiah.

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Chris Lewit has extensive experience developing top national and ITF ranked players. Here is a short list of players Chris has personally developed as both a private and consultant coach over the past years. Many top players have been developed from scratch from the youngest ages rather than inherited and managed when they are older. Chris also works as a consultant coach with many players who live outside of New York.

Chris is especially well known for preparing the foundations of prodigies and talented young players.

Chris has rare experience and wisdom to guide parents and propel players to the top of the country and world.

References are available for all players.

Big Congrats to Longtime Chris Lewit Student Elana Zaretsky for winning the 2019 Little Mo National 10s!

Future Stars In The Pipeline

  • Vlada Hranchar

  • Gurbaaz and Viraaj Narang

  • Jane Dunyon

  • The Samabaly Twins—Adriella and Safina

  • Kalista Papadopolous

  • Addison Lindsay

Current And Former Champions

  • Maggie Sohns  - 2022 USTA Nat'l Champion 12s Gold ball Winner

  • Carrie-Anne Hoo  - #1 Girls 12s USTA

  • Henry Holtz  - Top 10 USTA/Eastern 12s at 10 yrs old

  • Elana Zaretsky  - 2019 Little Mo Nat'l 10s Champion

  • Liam Krall  - 5 star recruit. SMU

  • Ty Switzer  - #600 ITF juniors. Top 15 USTA

  • Borna Mohac (Croatia)  - #1 U14 Nat'l 

  • Jacque Dunyon (Utah)  - Top 15 Nat'l Recruiting

  • Julian Wu  - Top 25 USTA Nat'l 

  • Hudson Beaudoin - Top 40 Nat'l Tennis Recruiting

  • Daniela Benabraham  - Top 15 Nat'l Tennis Recruiting

  • Shelly Yaloz  - Top 40 Nat'l USTA

  • Sam Turchetta  - Top 10 Nat'l USTA

  • Kyle Mautner  - Top 10 Nat'l USTA. #1 UPenn

  • RJ Delnunzio  - Top 10 Nat'l USTA

  • Andrew Adams  - Top 15 Nat'l Tennis Recruiting

  • Juan Sheppard  - Top 40 Nat'l USTA

  • Hannah Shteyn  - Top 20 Nat'l Tennis Recruiting. #1 UMiami (Ohio)

  • Sydney Fuger  - Top 40 Nat'l USTA

  • Doug Yaffa (UVA)  - 5 star recruit